Diary of Wisdom and Love



I was praying to Our Mother Mary with the Hail Mary as God was counting through a decade of the rosary for me. While I was praying I had a vision of Our Lady holding the infant Jesus, Our Lord and Teacher. He was leaning over the Bible, writing the Word of God.

Thank you Jesus for guiding your people to yourself. For leading us out of the wilderness and for teaching us your way of peace and love, as you have taught us through your Word and through the Saints. Guide us Lord into your arms today.

You are God, who led Your people out of Egypt, who came down from Heaven and rose from the dead, to bring everlasting life to all people. Give to us Lord your mercy and love so that we may share it with our brothers and sisters.

Provide us with priests, bishops and saints Lord, so that we may have examples to live by and holy ones to know in our age. Guide them to love and serve you, to recognise your calling, to embrace the teaching you offer them.