Diary of Wisdom and Love



I spent the night working tirelessly to complete what I’d started. At around 5am I asked the Lord Our God for help. He told me I would have a breakthrough soon, and truly I found through His providence the solution to the problem before my eyes.

For the next two hours He helped me with my work, filling my mind with knowledge of how to complete what it was I had started and to satisfy the requests of my colleagues.

At 7am I messaged my colleagues to tell them I’d had a breakthrough, they congratulated me for the work and Our God told me not to say where help had come from. One colleague invited me to join him for a meeting in Manchester, but Our God warned me not to accept it as I hadn’t had any sleep. He told me He would help me because I needed His help and I went to sit in a chair in the living room.

As I fell asleep in the chair in the morning, God provided me with a vision of a golden cross which transformed into the lettering “He is the first and the last” and then He said to me “I am the first and the last, the alpha and the omega.”

Then I woke and He sent me to sleep straight away. This time I saw a set of golden weighing scales and the book of psalms with a large responsum character printed on it in gold.