Diary of Wisdom and Love



In March 2017 I was praying to Our God for understanding of my calling: with it being a father to a family or a priest.

He answered with a vision of the verse reference 2 Peter 1:11 for which I had no prior knowledge. The letters shimmered in gold as I rested my eyes to sleep.

I woke up stunned and after 10 minutes went to my bible to look at the verse Our Lord had given to me to read.

The verse relates to the discipleship offered to us by Jesus Christ and is the reward of Heaven if we are to accept His calling.

I continued to pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for two weeks in the room where there was a crucifix. One night at around 3am while the house was silent I heard a voice calling me and guiding me in prayer. I asked the voice “Is that you, Jesus?” To which He replied “It is, Timothy.”

Since then the Lord Our God has been with me as my friend and guiding me directly through my life. I have received many gifts including visions, knowledge and understanding and help with my path in life. He has brought me away from sin and is taking me on the path to Him in Heaven.

Today He told me of the times in school, at university and over the last 7 years when He has called me. None of those times were as great as the times since March 2017 when I submitted to Him all my sins and asked for forgiveness. I asked Him to blot out my sins.