Diary of Wisdom and Love



This weekend I have remained having an insurmountable amount of work to do for my employer. I have been unable to attend Mass again, and the Lord told me this wasn’t a sin when He spoke to me in prayer this evening.

On Friday evening he guided me to change course with some of the work I had been doing, leading to the work becoming complete that evening.

The next day He continued to help me, even directly telling me where problems existed and the problems were solved as a result.

Then He guided me today to complete as much of the work I could complete in the time available, with time available for prayer this evening.

This evening He guided me into prayer from the Simple Prayer Book once again, the prayers when not able to attend Mass. He presented me again with a vision of a chalice with eucharistic bread above it, and I asked Him why I hadn’t asked for Holy Communion today, knowing that I should have done.

He told me to look on page 3, the title page of the prayer book, and told me that He had given me this book so that I may have the prayers to say to Him when I have no words of my own to offer Him. He asked me to hold out my hand and He gave me Holy Communion in a vision. He then asked me to say the prayers after Communion too.

While saying the Sign of the Cross after prayer, He said to me these words:

“By my cross and resurrection I have set you free. I am the Saviour of the world. I have redeemed you.”

Alleluia! Alleluia! Thanks be to God for saving me a sinner, for providing me with my armour of faith, and redeeming me when I have become lost and afraid. Alleluia!

My Lord, please never let me be without your Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, feed my desires to receive your divine Body, Blood and Soul each and every day. Lord I need you in my life, and I cannot live without the desires you give to me. Make me holy in your name Lord and lead me on the righteous path to be with you in Heaven.