Diary of Wisdom and Love



Lord, you have created all of us in your own image. All creation rightly gives you praise. It is in your glory in which I choose to bask on this day, if the Lord so wills it.

Grant me Lord the time to find peace in your arms, for the peace that you give is the only true lasting peace that mankind will find.

Grant me Lord the heart to find love in your presence, for the love that you give is greater than all love known to mankind.

Grant me Lord the mind to worship and praise you Lord, for the grace of God bestowed upon us is truly worthy of worship and praise.

Lord I ask you to gather your children together so that we may glorify you as one body in your Son Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.

Our Lord God, I especially ask you to heal the hearts of us poor sinners, who desperately need your peace, love and grace on this day.

Most of all, please grant me the gifts of Your Spirit so that I may always know you as my friend.