Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our Lord Jesus Christ gave me a dream last night of me talking to the mental health practitioners. They were telling me I was still unwell and I kept insisting that it is God who is talking to me. My voice became angry as I was talking to them and I kept apologising to Our God for the anger in my heart.

When I woke I offered my confession to Our God for the anger towards them in my heart. He consoled me and let me know that it was a dream He had given me.

At 8am the care coordinator arrived and the conversation with her went according to what was in my dream. My voice was terse but not angry. God was helping me throughout and letting me know what I should say.

She told me that I had shown symptoms of mental illness in the past: vulnerability in giving money to the homeless and putting myself in a position which was detrimental to my well being as a result of giving money away.

I assured her again that God was with me and that any signs they might have seen were me putting my trust in God. Indeed He delivered me from harm’s way and knew of the money I had kept in company shares. He knew everything which was to come and guided me through that period.

Thanks be to God for always being by our side. When those around us persecute our faith in His name, He loves us and delivers us from our suffering. Alleluia! God be praised forever and ever!