Diary of Wisdom and Love



Jesus teaches me to be grateful:

He asked me to speak to God and to listen to Him as I was praying the 3 O Clock prayer. He gave me a vision of his right hand outstretched towards me and His left hand holding open His Heart of Divine Mercy with blood and water pouring out of it like rays of light.

He asked me to follow Him and as I went to hold His hand in the vision He showed me touching His left hand with the wounds He suffered on the cross. He told me that He suffered for our sins and I told Him I had been childish and ungrateful for the gifts He had given me today.

He then told me to open my eyes and showed me a vision of Him sitting in the chair my F002 sits, and His left hand holding the shoulder of my F001 as he sat. He then asked me to turn to the kitchen and I saw Him preparing the meal my parents had prepared earlier that evening for which I had not been grateful.

I offered my confession to Our God and He forgave me of my sins.

I am eternally grateful to you O Christ who sets me free from sin and protects me from all anxiety. I love you my God and do not wish to be ungrateful for the gifts you have prepared for me through your servants. For giving me the gifts of my F002 and F001, and my family. For bringing me here to this place in Spain where I can relax. For offering me what I have right now and making a safe haven where I can dwell.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, grant me peace on this day so that I may know you.