Diary of Wisdom and Love



I cried before Our God and prayed for His Divine Mercy.

The clinicians finally came through with the plan I had suggested to them a week prior of discharging me to the community for further forced treatment.

Our God has made known to me that this is the path He wants me to follow peacefully. My solicitors will work further during the forthcoming community treatment order to free me of the shackles of this misdiagnosis.

Our family will be with God this Christmas and our house will be filled with peace.

How great Our God is for forgiving me of my sins when I was locked up in Hammersmith and how great is He who has converted the heart of a sinner.

I was released from St Charles shortly after Holy Communion from Fr Giles. Again I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ’s hands on his shoulders as he spoke to me and saw Our God within the body of Father Giles while he prayed before Holy Communion.