Diary of Wisdom and Love



An unexpected gift “The Age of Bede” arrived today from my Father. Our God asked me to turn to page 59 and read the second paragraph on that page to my Father. It is the story of St Cuthbert, whom I have been given want to know more of, and Him being captive on an island with two brothers during a storm and finding dolphin cuts “as though prepared by human hand.” I told my Father that this is again an account of God’s providence as I have seen. To put our entire trust in Him to lead us through our lives, and to take the help and gifts which are given when they are offered. He is the King of Our Desires.

Our God’s love for us is unending. Jesus has taught me over many months that there is no sin too great to be forgiven of, once we turn to Jesus Himself and offer His Passion to Our Eternal Father in atonement for our sins.

Our God’s love for us is bountiful. It has no limit where we can seek Him whenever we need Him, wherever we are in Our God’s creation.

He revealed to St. Faustina that we can ask Him for anything we need or even want, as long as it is compatible with His Holy will.

I ask Mary, Our Lady of the Lilies, the Mother of God, to pray for my sins, as we turn to Christ knowing all our sins will be forgiven and our paths made straight to Him in Heaven.

I pray to Jesus, Our God, that He delivers me from the mental health system and enables me to practice the ministry God has asked of me without hindrance or fear of reprisal for my past sins, if it is God’s will.

Praise and glory to His Holy Will for it is fulfilled, forever and ever.

Before dinner time a patient was suffering with her schizophrenia and Our God asked me to ask her to sit with us and be in the company of friends. She was terrified of the voices she was hearing and He asked me to tell her not to listen to the voice telling her to go away. He asked me to pray part of the 3 O Clock prayer out loud before her and then He asked me to ask her to listen to the voice that is asking her to be at peace and before dinner she was at peace. She then became frightened again until her husband arrived in the evening.

After praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet Our God asked me to write an adaptation of the 3 O Clock Prayer again on a piece of paper and address it to her and her family. Her husband took the piece of paper and the patient smiled, both of them thanked me for the gift. Our God asked me to tell the patient that she has friends here, and I left the couple looking at the prayer for Divine Mercy smiling.