Diary of Wisdom and Love



Yesterday one of the patients on the ward distributed Divine Mercy prayer cards to everyone who wanted one.

Today Our God asked me to ask another patient if she could pray the prayers of the chaplet that she knows today and Our God said that He would speak to her when she prays. He told me that when she suffered, Our God suffered with her and He asked me to tell her that she is loved by Our God.

I have eaten far too much food, sweets and cakes and Our God has been providing me with support to remove pain from heartburn.

Our God asked me to turn to Chris the nurse and tell him that he will see many blessings in his life when he turns to Our God and trust in Him.

Our God has been talking to me continuously every day I have been here. When I wake, I am disheartened by the hospital cell and being without my loved ones. But the Lord God raises me up and makes me smile at the small joys I have in my life here in hospital.

As Father Giles was speaking to me as a priest, I saw Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s left hand on Father Giles’ right shoulder. As he was praying Agnus Dei before communion I saw a vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ place both of his hands on Father Giles’ shoulders.

Our God asked me to pray the 3 O Clock Prayer again after communion. When I stumbled Our God asked me to repeat the words again and continue. He asked me to pray out loud for Father Giles to know that the words in my journal come from Him when he prays for this knowledge.

Praise be His name, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through whom all blessings come.