Diary of Wisdom and Love



The Nurse Chris took me out on 30 mins leave yesterday. Our God gave me conversation topics that allowed me to discover the man was Roman Catholic. He asked me to ask the man if he wanted to know the prayers of Divine Mercy and I repeated them to him. On returning to the ward Our God asked me to write the 3 O Clock Prayer and give the piece of paper to Chris for when he finished his shift.

Today I had another 30 minutes leave this morning with Katie. Our God told me not to talk about Him at first, but instead say “All of His Creation is beautiful.” Then I started talking about Our God. She has a dog of her own and Our God knew how to provide conversation.

I have just been asked again to give blood samples. They claimed it was mandatory and then when a doctor came she told me it was not mandatory but instead they needed to know I was well and there were no adverse reactions to their medications. I told her what Our God asked me to say: that I was well.

I declined to give blood because they will not force me to give it and Our God has asked me not to do things I don’t need to do for the doctors.

My F001 visited and I was very grateful for all he had brought me. We sat and talked and he placed a condition that I remain on medication for the rest of my life, and in particular if I was to return home not to talk about Our God or the visions I have been having with him or my F002. Our God asked me to tell him again I was not mentally ill and that Our God is talking to me.

Thank you Our Lord Jesus Christ for the gifts that we receive from thy bounty, and the love and mercy you bestow on us. Please humble me before your servants so I can show them your love shining in my heart. In Christ Our Lord, Amen.