Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our God woke me around 8am this morning and prepared me to leave for my interview. The night before He prepared my computer with the materials I would need for an interview.

I received a phone call from John-Jo asking for help and He asked me to tell him to make his way to my flat for the evening where I would host him for as long as he needed. John-Jo was very nervous and he asked Our God to help him with getting money to reinstate his lease. He asked me to pray the 3 O’Clock Prayer with John-Jo and told me to tell him he would be provided help when he asked his God to provide him what he needs.

The community mental health team phoned me again to ask how I was doing and He asked me to tell them again never to contact me again. Our God calmed me the two times they tried to contact me today and reassured me each time to trust in His providence and love.

He brought me to the train station where He showed me which train to take and told me I would arrive ahead of time for my interview. He brought me to Putney Bridge and I did not know the way to the office I would interview at. He took my feet and walked me all the way to the office on roads I did not know, and when I arrived guided me to say and do everything I did.

He asked me to be honest with them and not to tell them anything which wasn’t true. He told me the night before that they might not like my lack of knowledge in a particular field. When He asked me to thank them for their time, I did what He asked me to do and He led me away from their office to a safe place He could comfort me.

He led me outside to find food at a restaurant where He asked me to buy food and drink that I enjoy. I was hesitant to buy the food and drink, knowing that my bank balance is over its limit and my credit cards are almost to their limit.

He encouraged me and comforted me on my journey home to Kensington, where He showed me more places I hadn’t been before. He guided me home where He asked me to talk again to my parents again and when they said they wanted to hear more of what He had done for me they heard more of what God has written about what has happened.