Diary of Wisdom and Love



I went to the GP surgery and told them again that I was hearing Our God speak to me and take me to places I’ve never been before. He asked me to tell the doctor how the mental health system are bereft of any faith in Him. When the doctor wanted to invite their colleague in to further a mental health assessment Our God asked me to politely leave the building. He led me to safety back to Wright’s Lane around the corner and then took me to a restaurant to have food I wanted.

After I had finished eating He took my feet to Cheniston Gardens where an argument was erupting between a mother and her daughter and a bystander was unable to calm them.

Our God asked me to walk by and then gave me a want to turn and help them. He took my feet as the daughter started shouting expletives at the man and He asked me to invite her to walk with me.

As soon as she heard God’s words she smiled and she was calm. It was that moment in which I saw Our God in her eyes and He reminded me of the occasion He asked me to help the lady in Vauxhall.

We walked part way down Marloes Road where He asked me to invite her to pray with me. He asked me to give her my number and then He took me back to the mother who He asked me to ask her if she knew of His Divine Mercy. I told her of the visions which St Faustina received from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She was aging and she told Him that she didn’t want to change her beliefs and she knew enough about Our God. Our God asked me to say to her to turn to Him soon. He asked me to bless her in His name.

He brought me home and asked me to pack my bags to leave to my family home in Manchester. Waiting on the steps outside my flat He told me I would arrive at Euston with plenty of time.

He asked me of the silhouette I saw when leaving Moorside in July of a figure with a hat and He asked me why I had thought about it so much and never asked Him. He made me aware of why I wanted to ask Him who it was and why I wanted to know who it was. He made known to me that I wanted to ask Him because He wanted to show me who it was. Then He showed me a vision of St Thomas More.