Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our God spoke to me before Mass after praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and told me that Fr Daniel would hear what He wanted to say to him today.

As Fr Daniel proceeded to the altar at the beginning of Mass during the procession of the Crucifix, Our Lord Jesus Christ gave me a strong smell of incense and a vision of incense filling the entire chamber of the Church. He told me it was real and I was unable to believe Our God’s house had not already filled with incense. Then the priest filled the chamber himself with incense once he had proceeded to the altar, and I knew that Our God had given to me an apparition. He told me that it was His presence in the Church.

I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ during the Eucharistic prayer in the body of Fr Daniel and He told me that it was His presence in the preparation of the Eucharist. Our Saviour is our High Priest who sanctifies the prayers of the Eucharist.

He asked me to look at Fr Daniel and asked me to speak with Him after Mass. He spoke to me during the homily and filled my heart with love for His servant Fr Daniel and asked me to meet Fr Daniel after Mass to ask if he will speak to me in the morning and again in the evening tomorrow to share some wine. He told me he will hear from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when he prays to believe in what Our God has asked me to write.

After Mass He presented me again with a vision of incense filling the whole chamber of the Church.

He asked me to wait after Mass to speak with Fr Daniel and when he told me his diary was full tomorrow Our God led me outside to see a homeless man begging outside the Church gates whom I had given money for shelter to two days ago where He asked me to give him all the money in my pocket.

He then led me to Iverna Court, reminding me to email Fr Daniel and persevere in trying to speak with him about what I knew.

He is providing His family to know He is present in our lives and He is speaking through me to those who want to hear what God is asking me to say to them.