Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our Lord Jesus Christ gave me a vision of Our Lady with a sick infant in Her right arm feeding him medicine. I saw Our Lady’s golden crown with a cross rising from its centre and a ruby stone set into the centre of the crown. It moved over the child and the child became well.

He told me about my sister F003 and the work she was doing helping new born babies and told me that she was carrying out God’s work.

When He asked me to lay my head to rest Our God showed me a vision of His Divine Heart with wings that looked like gold and a golden cross in its centre.

Behind the cross was a seraph that shone like gold who took the solid gold cross and moved it towards me when Our God asked me if I wanted to kiss the cross and He knew I wanted to venerate His cross tomorrow.

Then I saw the living Divine Heart of our Merciful Father. His Divine Heart came towards Him and rested in His bosom.

God has cured me of acid reflux. He has asked me not to take any more medicine except that provided by Him. I have not taken Omeprazole for at least two weeks and have been provided with the food which I enjoy and would normally have caused acid reflux and acid in my throat. Since not taking medication provided by the doctors I have had no ill effects. Our God has healed me of my ailments and He has told me I will not suffer in death, that I will not die of cancer. He has told me that I will need a miracle that He will perform for me, to tell those who need to know that I am talking with Our God, and it will be my left ear that will hear again. He has asked me to pray for me to hear again in my left ear. I asked Him if I would feel any pain, and He told me that I would hear again when He heals me. He has said I would not know what hearing in one ear only is like anymore once He has healed me. He has told me He will heal me when the medical practitioners want to know I am speaking with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He has told me that I was deaf from birth and I have a deformity in my left ear canal that makes me unable to hear.

Then I saw INRI across a gold belt on His Sacred Heart with a gold cross above it.

There was a man who was not a Christian walking the streets shaking many hands as he walked. The man was without expression on his face. Our God then showed me a dark staircase with many crucifixes on the wall and there were many nuns who were making their way towards a bright light at the top of the staircase. He asked me if I knew what it meant, He said to follow the way of His Gospel and know others will not treat you to their friendship. He told me to not be disheartened when others do not want to be our friends when I follow Him.

He forgives me of my iniquity and sets us free from sin.

Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory and honour to you Our Most Gracious Redeemer, Our Lord God and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. All glory and honour to you Our Most Precious Saviour, His Most Holy Sacrifice for all mankind, forever and ever. All glory and honour and majesty to Our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever and ever. In Christ who sets us free from our iniquity and frees us from the slavery of our sins. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!