Diary of Wisdom and Love



I went to Church at Our Lady of Victories where He asked me to sit at the back and talk to Him. There was adoration of the Blessed Sacrament when He asked me to join the congregation adoring the Blessed Sacrament. He asked me to kneel and to listen to the prayers which I did not know how to say. When they spoke in English I joined them and they were praising Our God in the words I could follow. They were similar to words He had asked me to pray days before.

Before the priest held up His Most Holy Eucharist I saw a vision of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with His hands beneath the Sacrament with His palms towards the Host. He told me He is present in the Host.

I then saw Him take the base of the Monstrance before the priest held it for adoration by the congregation.

After it was cloaked He gave me another vision of Him holding His Sacred Heart and Him holding His right hand as a sign of peace.

He took my feet and led me to pray before the statue of His Sacred Heart where He told me that this is almost the vision He had given me the previous day. He told me I did not see the wounds in His Sacred Heart and instead of the thorns I saw a gold belt with lettering that I could not read.