Diary of Wisdom and Love



I replied to a message from Dave when he was not realising who was helping him. Our God asked me to tell him to trust in Him to provide. He had been on the streets all night when God had told him to go home and be patient.

He showed me a vision as I was waiting for help from a colleague of His Divine Heart with His right hand outstretched and His left hand holding His Heart. His head was resting to His left.

He told me I was no longer wanting to stay at the Daily Mail and I would still not want to stay after I had received help from my colleague. God did not want me to stay any longer where I was and wanted me to leave last Thursday.

He asked me to write a resignation email to my supervisors and showed me another vision of me as a child when I was 8 or 9 of me sitting on his knee.

He showed me the help the people there needed and told me what I was going to say to my supervisors: the help God knew they needed.

He brought Evgeny and I to the coffee shop on the 4th floor where Evgeny needed to hear the reasons for why I was leaving. Our God asked me to tell him the material help they needed and when Evgeny wanted to know more He asked me to tell him what I knew.

He asked me to show him a diary entry from the 30th September and to explain to him that I was hearing Our God as we were sat there. I saw a vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, the Holy Spirit standing behind him and laying His hands on both of his shoulders. He told me to tell him that He wanted Evgeny to go to His God.

He asked me not to take anymore money from the Daily Mail from the 28th September onwards and asked me to give any money they offered me from that date to Dave.

He knows that I will have what I need and want to live for the rest of my life and He will provide me with the means and will to serve God in helping people know Our God is with us.