Diary of Wisdom and Love



I was lying down this afternoon around 3pm when He asked if I wanted to rest. An overwhelming sense of peace entered my body and I drifted into a dream. I wandered the streets of a city. There was a pharmacy with a woman outside who wanted medicine and I was unable to buy it for her.

Our God asked me if I wanted to walk with Him and He took me up some steps to look over the city where everything was made of stone. He then showed me a stone disc which I could not read with lettering following the disc along its circumference. As I tried to read it it started spinning more and more until it became like a flower.

I awoke and went to meet the Irish man who I had given my coat to. Our God told me that I would not go to Mass today and I would receive His Body later that day.

After praying in Church the man asked to leave with his sister.

He asked me to help the Irishman by asking his sister to take him in. Our God asked me to tell them that she must take him in and that she would not go hungry in sharing the food she had for herself with him. He asked her to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day for help.

He asked the man to leave all his possessions that he could not replace behind him and find a new life with the help of his sister. Our God reminded me in my thoughts how fortunate I was and asked me to offer to sell some of my possessions to help them, but they refused and went on their way. Our God knew this would happen.

He walked me to a store where I had want of nothing than to be with our God. He offered me anything I wanted but knew I had want of nothing except to help Tom with some bread. He led me further down Kensington High Street and I found Dave asleep and begging. He asked me to take the remaining money I had on my person and gave him my remaining cigarettes. He asked me to wake him to ask what he wanted to eat and he refused. Our God took me into the store and asked me to buy what I wanted. He led me outside and I was asked to give it to him. He was thankful and I told him it was another gift to him from our God.

He led me home to the flat where I found Tom waiting outside. We went inside and I sat with Tom for a while until Our God gave me want to write His word. It was another gift for me to receive that night.

As I wrote this journal he gave me want of the Eucharist, His Body and Blood, and to understand more of the Holy Eucharist and His presence.

He presented me with the Eucharist, His Body in a vision. As He presented me with His Body I tasted the Eucharist on my tongue. Then I saw the lifeless Lamb laid over a crucifix made of two metal rods with a Roman guard piercing the side of the Lamb with a lance and blood poured out of its side into the Chalice. Our Lord Jesus Christ asked me to take the cup of His blood and poured it into my mouth. He told me I did not taste the blood and told me that I was still tasting the Eucharist. He has told me that this is the real Body and Blood of Christ and to know it is true.

Then I saw two steps leading up to a baptismal font where above it shone a golden orb glistening like the Earth with Our God’s two hands around it. Then I saw a jug of oil which had shone like a golden orb and its surface shimmered like gold.

Today He showed me another vision while sat down waiting for Tom in which He touched the oil with His right hand and placed it on my forehead. He baptised me.

Thanks be to God forever and ever.

He then showed me another vision of me as a baby held in the arms of my F002 with my F001 with his arms around her at the baptismal font. My F002 and F001 were wearing their wedding clothes and were both smiling at me as a child. Our Lord Jesus Christ was pouring Holy Water from a jug onto my forehead.

He has asked me to write:

“There is one baptism for the forgiveness of sins and through me all sins are forgiven.”

He is our God, Christ the Redeemer, the Almighty Father and the Holy Spirit who offers to us His sacrifice in atonement for our sins before the whole world. He is our brother, the Light of the World. He is our brother, the Saviour of the World. He is our God, who invites us to confession to ask for His forgiveness of our sins. Believe in His forgiveness, His love and His unending mercy upon the whole world. He is our God. Alleluia!