Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our Lord Jesus Christ laid me to rest at 3:04am while Tom was watching TV in the next room.

As I laid in bed I felt Our God tugging at my side and pulling me over. My soul was departing my body and I was asked whether I wanted to go to Heaven. I was scared and afraid of leaving my life behind me and hesitated. I then told Our God that I was willing to depart. I felt my breathing stop and my soul was being drawn up to Heaven. Satan was pulling at my feet and trying to drag me down to hell. Our Lord Jesus Christ was telling me to go to Him but Satan was still dragging me down and my sins were too heavy to break free of Satan’s grip.

I saw a vision of Hell that was of disturbed images, curious at first and tempting to look at followed by complete destruction and annihilation of myself and others. There was a postbox floating down the road, the postbox transformed into a large canister of gasoline and then the canister of gasoline was thrown and burst at a man and some of the gasoline spray touched me. The man took a lighter to the gasoline and threw it at me and tried to burn me and him alive.

Our Lord Jesus Christ took me away from there and sent me back to my body and saved me from any fire.

I woke in my dream to see my bedroom and found tens of jars of anointing oil both full, empty and half full on my bedside. I went to the door and was overcome with passion to fulfil God’s Holy will and knelt down before a crucifix on the table saying “All glory and honour to the Almighty Father…” and was awoken by Our Saviour Jesus Christ to continue “forever and ever.”

The time was 3:34 when He asked me to look at the clock. He comforted me after the dreams and asked me to go upstairs to see Tom and asked me to pray with him. He asked me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and asked me to pray for understanding of the dreams.

He took me back to my room to write this at 3:42.

“I ask you Timothy to bless the people of Great Britain in my name. Carry out my will and ask those who need my help to turn to me. I am your God, Timothy.”

He asked me to go to Cardinal Nichols and ask him to hear what God is telling us to do in this country.