Diary of Wisdom and Love



We prayed for the repose of the souls of the deceased of Grenfell Tower and our God told me that they were with Him. We prayed for those affected to receive God’s help and He told me it is so.

Sajad took the homeless man and I to a corner shop along Kensington Church Street where he bought provisions for the evening and additional supplies for other guests who might stay in the flat. While they were going inside the rain came and Our Lord God asked me to stay with them.

We went back to my flat and Sajad prepared food and the homeless man and I enjoyed his company. He slept on the airbed which our Lord Jesus Christ asked me to prepare for him, and I left the flat to go to Starbucks where I waited until morning. He filled me with laughter and happiness through the morning while I wrote journal entries for the previous days. On arriving back to the flat Sajad was still resting and our God led me to my room to send the diary entries to the Cardinal.

He filled me with confidence that I would need the Church’s help in establishing a charity to be guided by God’s will.

Our God asked me to help the homeless man with shelter for four nights. He showed me that the man had taken my wallet when I tried to head to the cash machine to withdraw some cash. He guided me to telephone the bank in front of him and to humble myself in front of the man and forgive what he had done in my home.

I went to the bank to withdraw money from my account where I had been keeping money aside for bills I needed to pay. He then led us to the Church on Kensington Square where He asked me to invite him in. I went in myself and gave him only enough for one night of accommodation, as our God asked me to do at that time. He asked me to take a Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer card inside the Church where I began to pray to Him for understanding of what to do now.

I was overcome with grief of my own sin in judging the man. He stopped me praying and comforted me and led me out of the Church and was told to take two more prayer cards. I became very calm and He led me home through the back of Kensington, stopping to buy food I wanted at an Italian delicatessen.

Once back outside my flat Our God asked me to wait and the gentleman came to me asking for money again. Our God told me not to invite him inside just now and asked me to take him to the coffee shop across the road. I sat next to him and he wanted more money. Our God asked me stay with him and I was doubtful about where the money was going. Our Lord Jesus Christ asked me to take him to somewhere quiet to sit with him and talk about what had happened.

I was very nervous before arriving about how to ask him if he could give me the wallet back.

When sat down, the Holy Spirit filled me with confidence and asked me to tell him that I knew he had taken my wallet, and that he was not telling the truth. Our God asked me to ask him to talk to God privately in his thoughts and He asked me to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet with him.

I asked for help from God and He asked me to give him exactly £23. I asked the man if he had any change and gave him the exact amount and invited him into Church the following day to see a priest.

Our God asked me to forgive the man and told me that I could do no more for him at that time.

As He led me home I was troubled that I couldn’t do more for him and he comforted me and fed me with the food He had found for me in the delicatessen when I got home. I was restless and He helped me to sleep.

He woke me around 7pm and led me to places by giving me wants for things I enjoy. He asked me to buy food that I had eaten for a homeless man on the street and took me back to the coffee shop across the road from my flat.

I received a phone call from the man who I had helped the day before with my coat and Our God asked me to wait for him outside the Kensington High Street tube station until he arrived. He led me inside and I saw Dave who I spoke with about his new flat. He found me a chair to sit on but the man did not arrive. He then led me back home where I found Tom.

I gave him my air bed and invited him to stay another night.

We went to pray in Iverna Court overlooking the Armenian Church and as I waited I saw a vision of our Lord Jesus Christ with his hand held over the spire of the Church. He told me the vision was for His will: “I want you to tell them to come together and glorify my Kingdom. This is for them to know that all people are here to serve each other. Bless them all in my Holy name.”

As I slept I saw another vision of Our Lady of the Lilies picking flowers from a flower bed in Her garden with steps leading up to it. She pointed towards my computer and was asking me to write what our God was telling me to write.

Our God told me “They will want to know why I have asked you to do this. Tell them what you know.” I was a sinner and turned to Our Lord Jesus Christ for redemption, for salvation and to set me free from sin. He gives me wants for what is His will for me to do.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is with us and wants us all to be whole in His body. He is our Merciful Father, Christ the Redeemer and His Majesty the Holy Spirit and all glory and honour is His forever more. Holy Holy Holy Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of His glory. Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna in the Highest. Peace to His people, to all of God’s people serving Him in His kingdom. Hosanna and all glory to Our God in the Highest. Thanks be to God.

Our Lady of the Lilies, pray for us.
St Benedict, pray for us.
St Faustina, pray for us.
St Luke, pray for us.

I pray for those affected by the Greenfell tragedy, that they turn to our God and seek His saving help for those in need of His Mercy and Love.

All glory and honour to you our most gracious Christ the Redeemer, for your glory and honour alone in the name of God the Father, God the Son and in His majesty our God the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Alleluia!