Diary of Wisdom and Love



Our Lord Jesus Christ took me home to clean my flat, preparing for the arrival of Kim and Alice. He told me what to do and when to do it and led me to where Kim and Alice were to meet me and they were not there. He took me to Olympia where he led me around the streets.

The rain was heavy and He stopped the rain from falling on my head. He led me to Sainsbury’s to buy food for myself, showing me that I wanted to buy food from the whole shop. When the till refused to take my payment, the want of food was removed: He provided me with gifts of The Holy Spirit and led me up to the Holland Park tube station.

I was weary with aching feet and with chaffing sores on my legs and I wanted to go home. He filled my heart with a want to serve the people again on the streets. He gave me confidence that I would be able to serve them with His help.

He led me back on the tube to High Street Kensington where I met Kim and Alice and I apologised that I had missed them. We spoke for a while and He sat me down in Starbucks in the Holiday Inn on Wrights Lane where I rested for a while. He picked me up and asked me to buy two coffees and I went to find Alice and Kim again.

After talking with them on the phone for a while, He led me to Earls Court where I found a homeless man who needed food and shelter. I took him to McDonalds and he ate. Our God allowed me to feel the hunger they feel every day, and He helped me with the pain I had to serve this man in any way I could. He led me to the cash point and I provided him with cash for the night to get back into accommodation and shelter. He filled my heart with a want to ask the man if he wanted to pray. He told me he was a Catholic and he led us to a quiet area of Earls Court where we prayed Divine Mercy for him and the homeless people in need of His unending Mercy and Love.

He gave me confidence that He would keep me warm, and I gave the man my coat and left him at Earls Court.

He then led me to Victoria station where I saw some homeless people. He led me to some people who I could ask where I might find a shop and with their help I was led by Our Lord Jesus Christ to a shop where He asked me to buy 10 sandwiches. At the till I found I had 11 sandwiches and thought that our God had provided for me too this night.

He led me to homeless people who would need the food and all 11 sandwiches were given and I handed out to those He led me to while I prayed the Divine Mercy prayer. He showed me the others in the street that night who were asleep and showed me how He provides for everyone.

He then led me towards a bus stop where He provided me with gifts of the Holy Spirit, I prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet and He provided me with visions of Him pointing to the streets I would walk down. I saw our Lord Jesus Christ extending His arms. Our Lady of the Lilies appeared to me picking flowers from Her garden and Our Lady provided me with a bouquet of five lilies.

He let me rest at a bus stop where he provided me with His water and food and took me on the bus to Oxford Circus. While on the bus He showed me a vision of Him extending both of his hands toward me and raising them up to Heaven. I walked around, listening to Him and he was providing me with laughter and joy all night.

He showed me three men sat outside a shop talking, and told me to wait with them a while. I offered them McDonalds breakfast when it opened, and for 90 minutes waited there until it opened.

I became dreary and he helped provide me with food I wanted just as McDonalds opened. I bought more for the three men, and then went to McDonalds where I bought more food and dispersed it to the three men and another man who wanted it.

While I was eating my food outside of the Wok stand He told me three times to write this down:

“Tell everyone you meet about Divine Mercy and what I have done for you and will do for them.”
“You will venerate the image of Divine Mercy and know of His unending Love and Mercy poured forth for all people.”

He then led me to the tube station where He led me home.

I had sores on my legs and my feet were very tired. He let me rest at home and woke me at 9:30 to inform my work that I wouldn’t be coming in that day. I felt too tired to work and He provided me rest for the rest of the day.

When He woke me in the evening He led me out to the Holiday Inn to buy coffee for myself and rest there as I called my family. He then led me to Dave Dogs and then into Boots to ask for help with the sores on my legs. I bought the cream they advised me to buy and He led me to the dressings that I wanted and told me which ones to buy. He then led me to the food counter where He asked me to buy a sandwich for Dave Dogs. I then bought him a coffee and prayed a decade of the Divine Mercy chaplet with him.

Our Lord Jesus Christ then led me to Five Guys and provided me with a want of the food I enjoyed. He led me outside to sit on the street tables and I ate the food I wanted. I then headed back to my house and met Tom who needed food and some razors. Our Lord Jesus Christ led us to Waitrose where I bought him food and razors. Our Lord Jesus Christ told me he would not need shaving cream, and after leaving the store Tom showed me he already had shaving cream to use. We walked back to Iverna Court where we sat outside the Armenian Church and prayed the prayer He asked me to say:

Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart, how beautiful thou art.
O Heart of Divine Mercy, how sweet thou art.

Followed by a decade of the Divine Mercy chaplet.

He then took me back to Starbucks where he asked me to establish a charity in the name of Our Lady of the Lilies to help those in need of His help. He told me He would lead me to those who would help Him in serving those in need.

Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory and honour to our Almighty Father forever and ever. All glory and honour to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ forever and ever. All glory and majesty in the name of our God, the Holy Spirit and our Lord, Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ forever and ever.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honour is yours forever and ever. Thanks be to God our Saviour and Christ, forever more. Alleluia!