Diary of Wisdom and Love



Throughout my journey this evening God has been talking with me, guiding me and leading me to those who needed His help.

I was led through Hyde Park by our God and led me to the gates at Marble Arch. I was wanting of McDonalds, cigarettes and water and He removed my wants while I was unable to receive these gifts at that time.

I had a vision of Jesus presenting me with the Eucharist as I was walking in the park.

He humbled me by showing me a homeless man who I could no longer help from my own bank account.

He led me to pray around the lake where I prayed for the repose of the souls of my deceased family Laurence, both of my Grandfathers and my Godmother Marjorie. He told me they were with Him now in Heaven. He told me that we must pray for the deceased.

In Marble Arch he led me towards Green Park where there were two homeless people by the side of the petrol station. He led me inside and He told me to buy them a sandwich and some water. One man needed a bus ticket, and I wasn’t able to withdraw cash without my bank cards. I followed Him further to Green Park and along the way I asked a man if he would be able to spare some cash for the homeless man who needed it.

He found me a way out of the park by squeezing under the gates at Marble Arch.

He led me around the streets of Marble Arch, Green Park, St James’ Park, Piccadilly Circus and then to Trafalgar Square where I prayed for Divine Mercy for those on the streets before the statue of Edith Cavell. No where was I able to buy the food I wanted for myself. I had pangs of hunger and thirst and he led me into shops, and then removed my wants for these things.

He raised my head towards the word “Sacrifice” and told me that I wanted this. I told Him I wanted this and would serve Him by serving others for the rest of my life.

Just after praying I was met by strangers who were looking for McDonalds. He led me towards Charing Cross tube station and told me to take a left. McDonalds was open there, where it wasn’t open in Marble Arch nor Piccadilly Circus. I bought a meal for myself but the cashier didn’t register my order correctly. I was happy to eat what our God had provided me with, but He led me outside to a homeless man and I gave him what I had.

He then led me back inside where I ate a meal as he talked to me and loved me as my brother had done since the beginning of March.

As I went outside he took me to a homeless man named Roger and other men on the streets. I went back into McDonalds and bought food for those who were awake that I could find. He created want in me to help more people, and He led me back to McDonalds where I bought more food to disperse among those who needed it.

I met a man at Trafalgar Square and I was told by Jesus not to judge the man and was told that I didn’t know what service the man would do for His people on this day. I gave him the remaining food I had and we spoke about his beliefs. I asked him if I could buy him coffee and walked with him back to the co-op where the coffee machine was broken. Our God created a want in me to buy fruit juice and I was led by the man back to where the fruit juices were. God told me to follow the man, as he had taught me to accept help where it was offered. He had a voucher for some juice in his bag and insisted he used it to reduce the cost to me of what I would buy him. Our Lord gifted me with a want to buy him some fruit as well, and I took the items to the counter.

He created a want in me to pray grace throughout the evening as my F002 had taught me months before, for the gifts we are receiving from His bounty.

We were led back to Trafalgar Square where we sat and were greeted by another man who told me he wanted a woman in his life. Our God told me I could pray with them and I invited them to pray with me. I prayed for Divine Mercy for both men and I was told the man would go home the moment he rose and went home. I was asked to tell him that Christ served all of us through His cross and resurrection, and I told him. I told God I loved Him and told the man I wanted to serve God for the rest of my life and serve others as he has served us.

God asked me why He loves all of us, and asked me why I thought I had sinned by wanting to pray for the homeless. He taught me through the night of those who had more and needed to give more to those in need, and showed me the wealth and opulence in the districts of London I visited. He told me to go and find money in those places and told me He would lead me to the people I need to beg to to help those I want to help. He brought me home safely on the tube, made my feet not hurt as I was walking, slowed me down when I needed to and gave me strength when I needed it.

He served me, as I should have served them. He humbled me as I should be and loved me as I should love them.

He brought me home to my coffee shop where I sat on the sofa and drank my own coffee, cared for me and brought me home where I write this now.

He then took me to work and helped me with my work in the office – showing me people who needed help and how to find help that I needed throughout the day. He did my work for me, providing me with the knowledge I needed to do my job during the day and having had no sleep the previous night.

Thanks be to God for His love and mercy which pours forth from the heart of Jesus.