Diary of Wisdom and Love



He gave me want of sleep and I took the sleep He offered me. I prayed for Divine Mercy for Dave, not knowing where he was, and slept around 3:20.

In the morning I found a reply from Dave and the time on the send receipt was 3:34am – about 20 minutes after I prayed for him. Later that day our Lord Jesus Christ showed me the send receipt again and the time had changed to 7am.

I called him in the morning before work and he told me he needed money still for the flat he wanted. Our Lord Jesus Christ helped me obtain a pay day loan in order to help Dave into a flat. He did this while I was on the phone to Dave and took my hands to fill in the application details.

He filled me with confidence to help Dave when I do not know what the future will hold. He reminds me daily to trust in Him and to know that I will be provided for.

In the evening I phoned my parents and slept knowing that Dave was staying with a friend of his.