Diary of Wisdom and Love



After leaving Dave in bed Our Lord Jesus Christ took me on a walk towards Hyde Park. He told me to trust in Him and to be guided to where I needed to be to help me serve Him and His people.

At the Albert memorial He told me that I would serve this country in serving Him and His people with His help, love and mercy. He asked me to pray for help for my cousin who is serving this country in the Armed Forces.

When in the park he gave me a vision of Him holding out the Blessed Eucharist and serving it to me. He gave me another vision in which He baptised me and made the sign of the cross.

He took my feet and fed me at Marble Arch, providing me with breakfast and then took my feet to Regents Street.

He showed me a beautiful vision of His Heart of Divine Mercy with His left hand opening His Divine Heart. My knees became heavy and he brought me down to kneel before the vision and I then saw another vision of Jesus stretching out His right arm and asking me to take His hand and follow Him.

He led me to Westminster on foot and asked me to serve His people, those who were without food or drink that morning. I served coffee to a man who is homeless named Paul and to another man named Steve.

My phone was out of battery and I was trying to contact Dave who had come to meet me at Victoria station and I tried to buy a phone charger. He asked me to humble myself and to beg as those in poverty needed to for money to quench my thirst. He led me to Yann, a colleague from work who was traveling that day and asked me to ask him for some money to try and buy some water. He then led me outside to a homeless man who offered me some water, I saw that I was more fortunate than him and God asked me not to drink his water. Our Lord Jesus Christ provided me with the water I needed through His Holy Spirit and He led me to a phone shop where He told me to ask them for help in charging my phone.

After my phone was charged I went to meet Dave and I was brought to tears knowing how I had made Dave wait. We went onwards to Peckham where I tried to take out a loan to help Dave pay off some debts and get a flat. The loan was refused and I couldn’t do anymore to help. He asked me to stay with Dave and I wasn’t able to do anymore.

He led me to a juice bar that served water for free and then took me on a bus to Waterloo station. He asked me to rest and I slept on the bus. I slept until the end of the route and the bus driver offered to take me back to Waterloo.

He took me around Victoria station and showed me how fortunate I am and how my family would want to have the same things everyone else would want. He helped me not be hungry anymore and took me into the station where He led me to someone who I asked for a cigarette.