Diary of Wisdom and Love



In work I was handed an urgent project that was needing to be completed for the company. Our Lord Jesus Christ did my work for me, and it was completed by the end of the day.

He led me on to the streets of Kensington where I met Dave. We sat and talked outside Clark’s and He asked me to give money to Dave to provide him with shelter for two nights. We went back to my flat where He told me to offer him a bed for the night. He told me to give him my old phone which was prepared with a pre paid SIM card. We walked with Our God and He told me to serve him by carrying his bag to help him drop off a phone he had borrowed before and I waited on a street corner for him to return.

Our Lord Jesus Christ humbled me by asking me to think of Dave and how he needed His help while I was waiting for Dave and being impatient. He said to me that I should not have left him walk alone. Dave asked me not to come with him. Our God told me to pray for Dave as I waited. I prayed for Dave and when he did not return our Lord Jesus Christ took me back home. Our God stayed with me all night and asked me to stay awake and pray for Dave.

He told me there was someone I would know who would be my wife. He knew I would want her and that she would want me.

Around 3am I received a phone call from Dave. He had been mugged and had broken ribs. Our God told me to prepare for Dave’s arrival. Early in the morning before I went to work Dave arrived and Our Lord Jesus Christ asked me to give Dave my bed.

I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and asked God for help in serving Dave.

I slept on my air bed and He provided me with comfort as I rested on the bed without pillows.

He gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace and gave me a vision of Heaven’s gates with thousands of saintly bodies worshipping our God inside the gates of Heaven. I felt unworthy to be in His presence and was in awe of the image. He told me again there was someone who would be my wife and she would love me. He told me He wanted me to go to Him in Heaven. I then slept through to morning and went out to work leaving Dave in the flat to sleep. God helped me know Dave and He showed me the Lord’s compassion.

He showed Dave and I His unending mercy and love in helping me host him and provide him with a bed while he recovered from his broken ribs.