Diary of Wisdom and Love


Sale Moor, UK

All trains were delayed at Euston station and Our God told me to pray for the person who was ill and the men and women serving the emergency services. He told me to pray for all the people there to get home safely.

I was nervous and Our God told me to stay at the station and trust that I would get home tonight. He told me to wait and I did not want to wait. Our God comforted me and gave me confidence that service would resume shortly.

He provided me with food I wanted but didn’t want before and walked me onto the train when service resumed. He told me to move to the corridor and helped me with strength to stand until the carriage cleared at Milton Keynes where He provided me with a seat.

He helped me again with my work and showed me I had little more to prepare for what I needed to do the following day and asked me to stop working. He filled my journey with happiness and laughter and warned me not to speak to Him out loud at home in Manchester.

When I arrived home I thanked Him for giving me what I had and for bringing me home to see my family.